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Prevoklia General Rules Empty Prevoklia General Rules

Post by Jojozityjo on Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:12 am

Here is some general rules that must be followed through out posting for this game.

1: If you want to get started, you'll have to read at least parts of the Rules thread and the Character Start thread in the Directory section of Prevoklia so that you can understand the game and know your choices. Once you got your choices, go to the Gameplay section and look into Character Selection to get started.

2: After getting started, do not post unless I say that it is your turn. This rule is especially enforced when in parties. This is mostly a turn based game and you cannot post what you do on someone elses turn. You can however, post suggestions to the turn player.
This rule can be omitted if you have another character that's not in a party or it's their turn.

3: Do not post any new threads in Directory, Items, Beastiary, or Gameplay. If you have an idea for a new thread, post it in the Discussion section and I'll consider it.

4: When you post what you want your character to do, you cannot post what will happen as a result.

"My dwarf will mine this rock and gain runite"

If you want to do anything, you post that you wish to do it and if it is possible to be done, I will post the outcome and what you will gain. Any auto-posts as that will be ignored and possibly deleted or revised.

5: You do have the option of deleting a created character. If you wish to do so, post it in either the Gameplay thread. Doing this, I will ask if you are sure and if you are, I will delete the character and anything on the character. You will not be able to recover the character after it is deleted.

6: You may only play as one of your characters at a time. It is not permitted use multiple of your characters in the game at once. If you want to change your character, post so and I will log out your current character and log in your other one.

7: If you are teamed with other players and have not made a post in a long enough time so the others may continue. I will post as your character until a time comes when the party can break. At which point your character will become dormant until you return.

More to come as things progress ...
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