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U.A. General Rules Empty U.A. General Rules

Post by Jojozityjo on Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:24 am

1. You do not make threads in here at all. You got an idea for a thread, you tell me and ill consider adding it.

2. No two players can be the same character in the same game thread.

3. Characters of good and bad cannot team with the other. Neutral can team with both.

4. The game will be played out like most other games. I will give you scenarios, make up quests, events, areas.

5. Players of a team do not post what you do unless it is your turn, i will declare who goes 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. during game play. However you are allowed to post suggestions to the turn player.

Example "Hey dude, that's a fire being, use water." or "Hey dude, lets do a combo move, ill throw you higher for your Dragoon Jump."

6. Read the "U.A. Rules" and get the bearings of this game and what you can do. Especially read the first post labeled "Starting"

7. You can play in more than one game thread at a time, however you can not use the same character you're currently using in another. If you want to move your character to another game thread, tell me in the game thread you're moving from and where your moving them to.

8. During game play, if there are more than 1 teamed, a team leader can be elected. Doing this makes it so all other players characters in the team follow the team leaders character.

More may come as we progress ...
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